Charcoal Pencils(Austin Elementary School)

I am an elementary art teacher at 6 local public schools and I am requesting some high-quality, kid-safe charcoal artists pencils that will give my students the experience of using the real tools of the artist. A a full classroom set of black and white charcoal pencils will last well beyond this year. My 5th graders are blossoming into young adults, and will be moving on to middle school next year. Some of them have already demonstrated exemplary art skills. My passion is to bring authentic art experiences to young people. Not just art in and of itself, but interwoven with the rich, multi-cultural and integrated education we are providing. Research shows that integrating the arts with subjects like math and science can increase student understanding and help close the achievement gap for my students. Art inspires and makes imaginations come alive. But we need supplies to make it happen. Help our artists become all they can be!

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