Disc Golf Club Tournament Entry Fees(Baker High School)

The students in Baker's Disc Golf Club have been meeting every Monday after school for the entire school year, learning the ins and outs of how to play disc golf. All of this hard work has been put in to prepare the students for a local disc golf tournament on April 21, 2018, called the Southside Smackdown, held at the University of South Alabama and Langan Park. The entry fee for each student to play the tournament is $30, and there are 6 active students in the club that are ready to play in the tournament. Disc golf is not a championship sport through the AHSAA, so the students and club sponsor are responsible for covering many of the fees throughout the year involving the club. For this year's tournament, we would like to present the opportunity for others to "sponsor" these students, helping them pay the entry fee to compete in the tournament.

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